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The fighting dagger "Shaitan" is developed in 2001 under the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Tatarstan.

Fighting daggers "Shaitan" are produced in two modifications: with a type-setting leather handle and a handle of skeletal type ("Shaitan - M"). The knife has narrow bilateral sharpened leaf-shaped blade. At the root of knife "Shaitan" has partly serrated edge that is used for cutting the slings. It easy cuts the 10-12 mm climbing cord. The knife is intended for drawing the deep cut wounds. The guard and the handle are made as symmetric in form. All steel parts have anty-glare processing.

"Shaitan - M" can be used as the throwing knife maintaining up to 3000 throws.

Characteristics of a knife "Shaitan":

  • Total length, mm - 300

  • Length of blade, mm - 180

  • The greatest width of blade, mm - 32

  • Thickness of a butt, mm - 6

  • Width of handle, mm - 34

  • Thickness of handle, mm - 27

  • Hardness of blade, HRC - 52-56

  • Material of blade, steel: 50Cr14MoVa, 70Cr16MoVaSi (patent RU236957C1).