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"Vitjaz - NSN"

Knifes "VITJAZ - NSN", "VITJAZ - NM" and "VITJAZ are developed under the order of President of "BKB VITJAZ" the Hero of Russia S.I.Lysjuk for equipment of groups of special purpose.

Distinctive feature of a design is a large heavy blade with a narrow edge that allows to increase of impact inertia and penetrating abilities of knife. Handy guard does not allow a hand to slide off at the moment of drawing impact.

On the basis of this knife the civil variant of a survival knife "VITJAZ" is made.

Characteristics of a knife :

  • Total length, mm - 306

  • Length of blade, mm - 180

  • The greatest width of blade, mm - 28

  • Thickness of a butt, mm - 4,4

  • Length of handle, mm - 120

  • Width of handle , mm - 34

  • Thickness of handle, mm - 25

  • Hardness of blade, HRC - 52-56

  • Material of blade, steel: 50Cr14MoVa, 65Cr13, 95Cr18, EP853.