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"Cobra" civil

Knifes of a series "Cobra" are practically identical on the design to knife of series "Geurza". The knife "Cobra" has narrow two-edged blade. The dagger-type knife is produced in two modifications: skeletal type and classical type with a rubber or type-setting leathern handle. The fighting variant of "Cobra" knife carries the name "Akela". It has a bilateral guard and is described in the "Fighting cold steel" chapter.

Characteristics of a knife:

  • Total length, mm - 278

  • Length of blade, mm - 155

  • The greatest width of blade, mm - 26

  • Thickness of a butt, mm - 5

  • Width of handle, mm - 35

  • Thickness of handle, mm - 24

  • Hardness of blade, HRC - 52-56

  • Material of blade: steel 50Cr14MoVa, 70Cr16MoVaSi (patent RU236957C1).