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The knives of series "Smersh"

The knives of series "Smersh" are a civil analogue of the famous "Finnish knife" that was added to the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs special divisions' armory during the Great Patriotic War. Such knifes had good reputation and till now are popular in power structures. The handle is made of a rubber, plastic, leather or a wood.

Smersh 1-5

Leathern sheath provides fastening a knife on a waist-belt, a leg, a hand and other elements of equipment. The knife does not concern to a cold steel category. Knife "Smersh" is an official knife of"Speckled beret".

Characteristics of a knife:

Parameter Smersh-1 Smersh-2 Smersh-3 Smersh-4 Smersh-5
Total length, mm 200-210 217 239 262 259
Length of blade, mm 80-95 108 130 153 149
The greatest width of blade, mm 22 27
Thickness of a butt, mm 5.6(3.6) 2.4
Length of handle, mm 110-125 110
Width of handle (in the middle), mm 32 32
Thickness of handle (in the middle), mm 22 22
Hardness of blade, HRC 52-56 52-56

Material of blade, steel: 50Cr14MoVa, 70Cr16MoVaSi (patent RU236957C1).