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Knifes of a series "Klop" and "Blokha" are small-sized self-defense knives with universal tools, designed for the latent carrying. For this purpose knifes have the minimal dimensions and can mask under various subjects.



The knife "Klop" has ordinary edged small blade with one-sided sharpened edge on the butt. The skeletal type handle has holes for weight reduction and a convenience of knife holding. The fore hole is intended for inserting of forefinger. Such grasp of knife gives no possibility to beat it out during a hand-to-hand fight. The knife fastens in sheathe by fixing thong with a press-button.

Characteristics of a knife:

  • Total length, mm - 113

  • Length of blade, mm - 49

  • The greatest width of blade, mm - 34

  • Thickness of a butt, mm - 3

  • Width of handle, mm - 31

  • Thickness of handle, mm - 3

  • Hardness of blade, HRC - 52-56

  • Material of blade, steel: 50Cr14MoVa, 70Cr16MoVaSi (patent RU236957C1).