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Deputy Director General of Science

Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Central Research Institute of Ferrous Industry named after P.Bardin’

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Federal State Unitary Enterprise

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"Central Research Institute

of Ferrous Industry named after P.Bardin’



regarding to a new knife steel grade 70Cr16MoVaSi use efficiency


In accordance with request made by ZAO PKF ‘Prommet-Splav’ (outgoing No.  44 of 24.02.2010) the following materials were submitted to expert examination:

•    Invention description to patent RU 2369657 C1.

•    Technical conditions ‘Hot-rolled plate of steel 70Cr16MoVaSi. STO 56517011-043-2010.

•    Information of ZAO PKF "Prommet-Splav" concerning operational performance of blades made of steel 70Cr16MoVaSi.

Analysis of the submitted materials for expert examination revealed the following:

1.  Steel 70Cr16MoVaSindj  is new martensitic stainless steel suitable for cutting tools manufacturing.

  1. Customary alloyage, steelmaking practice (using electroslag refining), hot rolling using queueing theory and thermal treatment (hardening from 1045 °С into oil + drawback 200 and 400 °С) allows achieving unique combination of hardness and ductility characteristics in steel. After the said treatment steel is characterized by hardness 57 to 62 HRC on retention of ductility at level 0,4-0,6 mJ/m2. Such combination of hardness and ductility can not be achieved by steels          40Cr13, 65Cr13, 95Cr18, 110Cr18, 50Cr14MoVa used for cutting tools manufacturing.

  2. Steel 70Cr16MoVaSi is recommended for manufacturing any cutting tool including special service awarding and military cutting weapons, tourist and household knives and similar items.

Deputy Director of the Institute for High-Quality Steels A.P.Shlyamnev