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Melita-K. Knives for life

About Company

Welcome to the Russian company ZAO Melita-K (closed joint-stock company), Kazan - the leading Russian manufacturer and the author of innovative technologies in the field of cutting tools production from microscalpels to combat and hunting weapons.


The company has mastered wide range of blade cutting tools: combat knives, tourist and hunting knives, it is also important to note production of household knives and meat and fish processing knives.

We specialize in development, production, supply and introduction into Russian and foreign market of high-quality cutting tools made of different types of stainless and carbon steels. Rockwell hardness figure for knives of carbon steel is 58-60, and for knives of stainless steels is 56-58.




  1. Ultra-high quality and sharpness of cutters are achieved through application of superfine ultrasonic forging technology.
  2. High strength, flexibility and wear-resistance of knife are provided due to application of technology of cold plastic forming of blade blank (patents of the Russian Federation No.2041005 and No.2195382) combined with ultrasonic cutter forging; this technology has no parallels in the world practice! All other world companies act inversely: they cut blanks from flat plate, harden them by heat treatment, then give form to a blade by grinding tool peeling herewith the most endurable working metal surfaces.
  3. Due to application of blade forge-rolling technology products can be manufactured not only with biconvex but also with convex-concave cross profiles.
  4. Use of metal grade (patent of the Russian Federation 236957C1) which was developed by the company Prommet-Splav (Moscow city) especially for our knife products. This alloy is notable for high wear-resistance and excellent elastoplastic features.
  5. Wide sales geography and efficient delay-free supply system. Our company performs delivery all over Russia, CIS and non-CIS states: United States of America, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan and many other countries. We are open to the possibility of cooperation and co-production!
  6. Service maintenance. In connection with implementation of innovative technologies our company renders services for cutters sharpening using technology of superfine ultrasonic forging on any steel types.
  7. Flexible discount system.


In cooperation with our company you get reliable business partner and best cooperation conditions!